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    Recovery of the financial and tax accounting
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    Tax audit

The approval procedures

Those procedures which are approval between the auditor, the subject and any third parties are approval. By results of carrying out the approval procedures the report on the actual conclusions is provided. Receivers of the report shall draw own conclusions according to the report of the auditor.

Tax audit

Tax audit to is carried out as complex verification of financial and economic activities of the entity for a certain period for the purpose of identification and prevention of systemic tax risks of the company.

Verification includes:

•    correctness of determination of a tax base;

•    correctness of application of the tax rates;

•    legitimacy (legality) of application of the tax privileges provided by the legislation or other mechanisms, allowing to reduce tax risks;

•    timeliness and completeness of transfer of taxes and other obligatory payments in the budget;

•    correctness of creation of declarations (calculations) for taxes both other obligatory payments and fees which the taxpayer according to the legislation is obliged to pay to the budget or off-budget funds;

•    opportunities (or obligations) applications of special tax regimes, such as a special tax regime for agricultural producers, a simplified taxation system;

•    executions by the organization of functions of the tax agent, etc.

During carrying out audit of tax accounts the special attention is paid to such types of activity of the client integrated to tax risks, as the foreign economic, intermediary, joint activity, etc.

By results of check the detailed report in which data on all elicited facts of failure to pay and/or an overpayment of taxes and fees, other facts having impact on the tax liabilities, recommendations about adjustment of the revealed shortcomings and the offer of measures for elimination of the reasons, and also the analytical letter to a management in which only essential shortcomings of functioning of system of tax accounting and an impact assessment of the specified shortcomings on financial performance are given are provided is created.

Internal control system audit

Main objective of this service – provision to the Customer objective information about functioning at the entity – Object of carrying out the approval procedures, an internal control system and its shortcomings.

Received by results of carrying out audit of an internal control system information will allow the Customer to draw conclusions on the problems which are a consequence of shortcomings of an internal control system, namely, to determination of bottlenecks and the shortcomings of the monitoring system attracting loss of information and risks of abuses with company assets.

Target research and analysis of separate sites of financial and/or tax accounting

This service allows to carry out detailed studying of separate sites both accounting, and tax accounting. Certain asset types can act as object of research or liabilities, the income or the expenses, separate financial and economic activities, an order of charge and payment of separate taxes. The analysis about reflection in business and tax accounting of single transactions is possible. The customer himself determines the areas subject from his point of view to the maximum risks or which methodology of accounting is integrated to considerable difficulties. Attention focusing on a certain circle of questions allows to research most in detail, on the one hand, this area of accounting, on the other hand, allows to avoid big temporary and, respectively, cost costs which would take a place in the complex analysis of business and tax accounting of all entity or when carrying out classical audit.

Following the results of research the developed report in which the short description of amount of the done work is provided is constituted, the revealed shortcomings and recommendations about their elimination, and also general conclusions by results of research as a whole are reflected.

Financial analysis

Allows to estimate efficiency of functioning of the economic actor, to reveal shortcomings of work, the reasons of their origin and to develop specific recommendations about business development and company value increase on the basis of the received results.

The analysis of financial and economic activities is performed in the following stages:

•    the analysis and an assessment of reliability of the financial reporting for the analyzed period for receipt of reliable information base for carrying out the main analytical procedures;

•    the structure and balance sheet layout analysis by the main articles of active and passive sections (non-current assets, work in progress, inventories, receivables and payables, liabilities, an equity, etc.);

•    the analysis of financial result, profitability of financial and economic activities of the Client based on the profit and loss statement by operating, financial and investing activities of the company (the analysis of level and dynamics of indicators of profit, factorial profit analysis from sales of products, works, services, the analysis of use of a net profit, etc.);

•    an efficiency evaluation of management of cash flows based on the cash flow statement;

•    analysis of profitability of the company;

•    efficiency analysis of use of material, labor, financial resources of the company (based on coefficients of turnover, a material capacity, cost reduction of resources on production, etc.);

•    company liquidity analysis (based on absolute liquidity index, coefficient of current liquidity, etc.);

•    the analysis of financial stability of the company (based on indicators of financial independence, etc.);

•    the analysis of a capital structure of the company and dynamics of the market indicators characterizing its equity (a ratio of loan and own equities, financial leverage, efficiency of use of own and loan equities, etc.).

Following the results of carrying out the analysis of a financial and economic condition the report containing the characteristic of a property and financial position, efficiency of financial and economic activities of the Customer with recommendations about effective corporate financial policy (to policy of forming of assets and capital structures, policy of asset management and investments, policy of forming of financial resources) is constituted.

Efficiency analysis of use of property

Is carried out for the purpose of provision to the Customer of the complete and objective information about availability, structure, cost and extent of use of property, about efficiency of used settlement schemes, and also about compliance of an order of pricing applied by an accounting entity to market conditions. Thus, for ensuring provision to the Customer of really objective information, activities of an accounting entity are subdivided on external and intra group (activities with affiliates). Depending on wishes of the Client the analysis can be carried out both concerning all property of an accounting entity, and concerning his separate components.

By results of work to the Client the detailed report, allowing to make on its basis reasoned decisions on increase of management efficiency by property is delivered.

Other approval procedures

In addition to the stated above, most widespread types of the approval procedures, other individual tasks of Clients regarding carrying out the approval procedures are carried out also. Each task on carrying out the approval procedures passes detailed coordination with the Customer and is arranged in the form of the specification being appendix to the agreement.

•    verification of compliance to the tax legislation of accounting of taxes company and fillings of tax accounts;

•    verification of correctness of filling of the Declaration on the corporate income tax;

•    verification of compliance of conducting financial accounting to the legislation (NSFS, IFRS);

•    carrying out inventory count of material inventories of the customer;

•    a condition of calculations with the related parties, an assessment of activities of segments of business, etc.

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