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Tax audit

Tax audit assumes complex verification of financial and economic activities of the entity for a certain period for the purpose of identification and prevention of systemic tax risks of the companies.

Verification includes:

• correctness of creation of tax accounting policy;
• correctness of determination of a tax base;
• correctness of application of the tax rates;
• legitimacy (legality) of application of the tax privileges provided by the legislation or other mechanisms, allowing to reduce tax burden;
• timeliness and completeness of transfer of taxes and other obligatory payments in the budget;
• correctness of creation of declarations (calculations) for taxes both other obligatory payments and fees which the taxpayer according to the legislation is obliged to pay to the budget or off-budget funds;
• opportunities (or obligations) applications of special tax regimes, such as a special tax regime for agricultural producers, a simplified taxation system.

During carrying out tax audit the special attention is paid to such types of activity of the client integrated to tax risks, as the foreign economic, intermediary, joint activity, etc.

By results of tax audit the detailed report in which data on all elicited facts of discrepancy of conducting tax accounting of failure to pay and/or an overpayment of taxes and fees, other facts having impact on the tax liabilities, recommendations about adjustment of the revealed shortcomings and the offer on elimination of the reasons, and also the report on tax check to a management in which only essential shortcomings of functioning of system of tax accounting and an impact assessment of the specified shortcomings on financial performance are given are provided is created.

Following the results of research the detailed report in which the short description of amount of the done work is provided is constituted, the revealed shortcomings and recommendations about their elimination are reflected.

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