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Consulting services take an essential place in auditor activity. Our company offer oral and written consultations on questions:

• applications of the tax legislation;
• conducting accounting and drawing up of financial statements according to NSFS and IFRS;
• currency regulation (in a part maintaining accounting and tax accounts);
• labor legislation;
• applications of the Civil code and to other questions which the organizations face in the activity.

Consultations are carried out by the qualified auditors, known to accounting community as authors of numerous specialized editions: O Olga Innokentyevna, Savchenko Olga Ivanovna and Dorosheva Galina Petrovna.

The most pleasant fact is that these consultations can be free for you within a year if you are our regular client on audit or accounting service.

If you are experienced accountant, our experts consult you concerning conducting accounting and the taxation of your company, will help to understand difficult or disputable situations. The beginning accountants who have difficulties at the solution of difficult questions of accounting, for the first time preparing declarations, also don't remain without our help and support.

Costs of consulting services:
Oral consultation for1 hour - 15 000 tenge.
Written consultation – isn't lower than (starts from) 30 000 tenge (the price varies depending on quantity of questions, complexity and urgency of the answer)

Our clients

  • AGS
  • Europa+
  • Kelet
  • Roshen
  • Цесна Гарант
  • KTK
  • Aster Auto
  • Toyota
  • Aksai-nan
  • 31kanal
  • Alel Agro
  • Jazz Capital
  • NCOC
  • KBTU
  • AES
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