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Recovery of financial accounting and tax accounting

Our company provide services in business and tax accounting recovery.

The necessity for business and tax accounting recovery for the organization arises for various reasons:
• source documents were lost;
• accounting registers on various sites of accounting (bank, cash desk, implementation) weren't created;
• not reflection in the financial reporting of part of accounting transactions;
• misstatement of accounting information in information base;
• the tax accounts and another weren't correctly constituted.

Business and tax accounting recover include:
• Reconciliation of data of primary documentation and data of information base of the client;
• The analysis of correctness of carrying out accounting transactions and error correction in accounting;
• Sorting and handling of primary documentation, recovery of accounting entries;
• The analysis of source documents of the organization about their compliance to the approved forms;
• Check of correctness of registration of necessary registers, recovery and creation of accounting registers;
• Check of correctness of calculation of tax payments and creation of tax declarations;
• According to the recovered accounting forms of quarter and annual tax accounts are constituted.

Thus, financial accounting is brought into accord with current legislation requirements.

The cost of our services is determined in each case separately and individually for each client! ! !

Our clients

  • AGS
  • Europa+
  • Kelet
  • Roshen
  • Цесна Гарант
  • KTK
  • Aster Auto
  • Toyota
  • Aksai-nan
  • 31kanal
  • Alel Agro
  • Jazz Capital
  • NCOC
  • KBTU
  • AES
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