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Accounting services

Our company offers accounting services to legal entities and physical persons (outsourcing). We assume a full service or partial – accounting maintenance.

Your economic priorities from outsourcing are obvious:

1. The signing of the agreement reduces costs on accounting services.
2. Our company bears responsibility for compliance of performed business and tax accounting to current legislation requirements.
3.  Expenses on accounting servicing of the companies belong on deductions and reduce taxable basis.
4. The VAT on turnovers on accounting servicing reduces the liability on the VAT of your organization.

Our Company offers a full range of services in accounting of the organizations:

•    maintaining business and tax accounting:

•    subscriber services – complete maintaining accounts department, including preparing of primary documentation, preparing and delivery of accounting and tax accounts;
•    accounting maintenance – accounting based on source documents of the client, preparing and delivery of accounting and tax accounts;

•    preparation of accounting and tax accounts:

•    preparing of quarter accounting records;
•    preparing and delivery of tax accounts in territorial bodies of tax service;
•    preparing and delivery of the statistical reporting;
•    preparing of annual statements;
•    other types of the reporting according to the customer order;

•    recovery of financial accounting:

•    consultations concerning recovery of financial accounting;
•    recovery of financial accounting of the legal entity, including:

- analysis of a condition of business and tax accounting, diagnostics of problems;
- the analysis of accounting policy, its reduction in compliance with legislation requirements;
- inventory count, analysis and recovery of primary documentation;
- error correction under the authority of business and tax accounting;
- in case of need, recovery of balance and recalculation of taxes, submission of the specified declarations;
- reconstruction or change of an electronic database of accounting;

•    recovery of financial accounting of individual entrepreneurs;

•    tax and accounting advisory
•    tax advisory and tax optimization:

•    consultations at the choice of taxation system at a stage of preparing of the organization;
•    the analysis of existing system of tax payments of the organization and its optimization;
•    the help in implementation of the offered measures;
•    maintenance of transactions and agreements, their analysis about tax risks, development of measures for their decrease;

•    financial accounting for individual entrepreneurs

Depending on requirements of your organization highly qualified specialists of our Company will provide:
•    the accuracy of handling of documentation and clearness of the calculations, based on wide practical experience and high qualification of our workers holding executive positions in accounts department more than five years;
•    faultless adherence to deadlines of execution;
•    ideal knowledge of legal aspects and legislative innovations;
•    efficiency in acceptance of the right decisions;
•    the advisory help with all questions accompanying accounting servicing of the entities;

The cost of services is determined in each case separately and individually for each client.

Experience shows that the organizations which transferred accounting of the specialized professional company, receive big confidence of reliability of conducting accounting and tax accounting that is a basis of any business.

Our clients

  • AGS
  • Europa+
  • Kelet
  • Roshen
  • Цесна Гарант
  • KTK
  • Aster Auto
  • Toyota
  • Aksai-nan
  • 31kanal
  • Alel Agro
  • Jazz Capital
  • NCOC
  • KBTU
  • AES
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