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Financial Statement Audit

We offer the following services:
• carrying out independent audit of financial statements;
• drawing up the annual, intermediate separate or consolidated financial statements.

We audit financial statements according to the International Standards on Auditing (ISA).

The financial statements are formed according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or with the National Standards of Financial Statements (NSFS).

We offer carrying out audit to the enterprises being subjects of small, medium and large business.

According to our individual approach to clients, their specifics and features and to high professionalism of team of experts led by the auditor we have regular customers who order obligatory or initiative audit.

Approach to carrying out audit of financial statements is focused on:
• ensuring reasonable confidence of that the prepared financial statements do not contain essential distortions;
• identification of risks and comprehensive understanding of features of economic activity of our clients, on a clear idea of nature of changes of conditions of implementation of activity;
• definition branch tendencies, problems and the reasons lying in their basis which can affect the accuracy and completeness of data of financial statements;
• the accounting of all operating (and in need of potential) standards of the legislation, standards in the field of audit, conducting accounting and reporting formation;
• the accounting of the existing and constantly changing tax legislation with an assessment of tax risks of the audited enterprise;
• coordinating of activity of the working group with the staff of the audited enterprise, discussion and the solution of the questions which have arisen during check.

Upon termination of audit we provide to a management and supervisory bodies of the audited company the developed and detailed reports, in the form of the letter to the Management, the recommendation about the remedial action, revealed in auditing process.

Having worked in the market of auditor services more than 12 years, the Company has experience of carrying out audit in the Companies, engaged following types of activity:

Oil and Gas upstream, Production, Construction, Freight forwarding & Logistics, Financial and insurance services, TV and radio broadcasting, Polygraphy, Promotion services, Hotel business, Medical services, Veterinary services, Activities in the tourism sphere, Warehousing and storage, Wholesale trade, the Scientific and technical centers, Security activities, Representations, Public funds.

For regular customers we provide free advisory support in business and tax accounting questions within half a year after date of issue of the audit report.

Audit fee

Our approach to pricing is based on the principles of the maximum transparency and economic feasibility for the client and depends, first of all, on labor input of separate stages of carrying out audit and quantity, required specialists taking into account level of their qualification.

For determination of an estimated cost of audit services you need to fill "An estimative leaf for audit" which you can download from our site www.tfa.kz and send on an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Within two days the commercial offer will be sent to you.

In case of the conclusion of the agreement departure of auditors is made for examination and negotiations.

The final cost of audit services is determined by results of carrying out free examination of availability, quantity and quality of source accounting documents, the accounting organization in the company, accounting system of the company, scales and types of activity.
We guarantee confidentiality observance when obtaining and handling financial information and data on the Company.

Our clients

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  • Цесна Гарант
  • KTK
  • Aster Auto
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