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Kazakhstan citizens can pay taxes through egov mobile application

A service in a mobile application of the electronic government, allowing to occupy a turn in Public Service Center and also to pay taxes will appear in the first half of the current year


"In the first half of 2013 we plan to introduce such services, as turn booking in PSC and search of the next PSC. After statement on turn through the appendix, you will need to come to PSC and to show turn number, to receive the receipt at the operator, and you will be able to reduce the time and not to spend it for expectation in an operational hall," the project manager Mobile appendix of egov Bayramova noted.

Besides, introduction of service of Tax committee thanks to which in an online mode it will be possible to learn about existence/lack of a tax debt is supposed.

"For example, you have a property tax, you didn't pay it. In 2013 it became a tax debt. You will be able to check similar data. On a portal such reference can be received in 5 days, in the appendix it will be automatically carried out," Bayramova said.

The first version of the appendix of mobile egov was issued in July, 2012. Android users tested the appendix the first, a bit later the application on the iOS platform was started.

First of all, as the project manager emphasized, the services which are most convenient for use by means of the mobile phone - payment of duties, taxes, utilities, penalties of traffic regulations, issue of the address reference were removed.

The last service is one of socially significant services and the most popular services on a portal of the electronic government.

Source: http://bnews.kz

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